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  • Date : Sun Jul 26, 2020
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Summer Internship Program of the Insurance Industry Launched
Practical phase of the internship summer program for the insurance industry is being conducted with the cooperation of Iran Insurers Syndicate and sponsorship of the insurance companies such as Dana Insurance Co., Moallem Insurance Co., Kosar Insurance Co., Sarmad Insurance Co., Taavon Insurance Co., and Momayezan Insurance Loss Assessment Institute.

The inauguration meeting of this internship summer program was held via videoconferencing on Wednesday, July 22, 2020. In this videoconference, the Secretary General of Iran Insurers Syndicate, Head and some of the directors of IRC, interns and insurance company agencies, and reps from Momayezan Insurance Loss Assessment Institute sponsoring the program had participated.

At the opening of the meeting, referring to the significance of this program, Dr. Kordbacheh, Head of IRC, gave some recommendations for achieving better results and taking advantage of this opportunity for the learners and the insurance companies.  

The Secretary General of Iran Insurers Syndicate also referred to the insurance industry foundations and clarified some general insurance terms. He also gave some recommendations regarding the presence of the interns in the insurance companies. At the end of the meeting, some of the interns presented their viewpoints.

It must be noted that the internship program has been conducted for 40 hours since July 11, 2020. The practical phase of the internship program was already started on July 22.

The recorded video of the meeting session is accessible at this link.

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