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  • Date : Mon Nov 02, 2020
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“Tech Revolution in the Insurance Industry” Released by IRC
IRC publication has released a new book entitled “Tech Revolution in the Insurance Industry” compiled, authored, and translated by Dr. Mojtaba Kateb and Dr. Seyyed Morteza Husseini.

he book has been written in order to provide a thorough analysis of the role information technology play in the insurance industry as this issue has become one of the most prominent trends in the industry, according to PRIAO, IRC.

The report read that the exploitation of new technologies in the insurance industry dramatically improves the quality and quantity of the services delivered to the policyholders. The necessity of the authoring and translating of the book resides in the underdevelopment of the insurance industry when compared with the increasing growth of the information technology. The huge amount of investments by the world’s largest insurance companies is an obvious evidence for this claim.

Nowadays, the global community moves toward a technology revolution and the public’s high expectations for the use of modern technologies in the insurance services have directed the insurance companies toward this revolution. It is evident that those companies that resist this trend will be forced to opt out in the competitive arena.

The present book is a translation and compilation of several books, articles, and a book originally written by Mitchel Neylor. It comprises of twelve chapters each fostered by key samples in order to provide more clear view about the issues addressed. The book is recommended for all the insurance industry managers and personnel, those involved in mapping out long- and short- term strategies of the insurance companies, startups, and innovative active companies in the country.

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