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Working Paper No. 58 Released:
The Necessity of Future Studies and Preparedness against Forthcoming Emerging Risks
Since the necessity of future studies and being responsive and resilient for any upcoming emerging risks, the Bimonthly Working Paper in its 58th edition specifically focuses on "Future Risks Outlook". This special issue of the paper was distributed in the virtual 27th National Conference on Insurance and Development.

Emerging risks have an enormous impact on the global risk outlook. Although the historical data as the most reliable source for assessing the likely impacts of these risks in future is necessary, an accurate projection of their emerging routes is nearly impossible and makes any effort for defining their features and their possible impacts very demanding task. Yet, understanding and identifying the emerging risks, will not only have implication for the behavior and operations of relevant sectors, it can also be considered as an appropriate responsive measure in encountering with such risks in future.

AXA as one of the global largest insurance companies has conducted its sixth annual survey among 1700 risk experts from 58 countries with the purpose of preparing its future risk outlook and in order to include some relevant trends in its analysis has partnered with the Euroasia Group and Ipsos.

According to the results of this survey, climate change, cybersecurity risks, geopolitical instability, social discontent and local conflicts, new threats to security, mactoeconomic risks, natural resources and biodiversity risks, financial risks, and pollution were respectively posed the higher-lower risks from the perspectives of the participants.

Climate change and cybersecurity risks were among the top risks chosen for the four consecutive years and geopolitical instability ascended 11 steps and was among the three top risks in the last year. The other risks from the main three groups comprised of the concerns related to the natural environment, modern technologies, and sociopolitical atmosphere.

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