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  • Date : Tue Jan 12, 2021
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27th NCOID Broadcast Continues:
Paper Presented on "Offering a Framework for Creating Ecosystem and Its Orchestration: Future of the Insurance Industry"
A presentation forum was conducted yesterday on how to create and orchestrate an ecosystem for the future of the insurance industry. Mr Mohamma Seddighi Gilani, the main author from Iran University of Science and Technology and Mr Mehrab Mashmouli, the coauthor, member of Strategic Committee of Saman Insurance presented their paper online at 01:00 p.m. (IRST) on January 11, 2021.

Adopting a metastudy approach, the paper strives to offer a framework for designing ecosystem and its orchestration, various types of orchestrators, ways of orchestration, its required abilities, and its usages in the insurance industry.

The presentation was initiated by offering definitions for and different types of ecosystem. Later, the concept of orchestration and its procedures from various perspectives were outlined. Finally, the proposed framework was presented as an attempt to answer to some fundamental questions in order for the creation of a successful design of an ecosystem in the insurance industry and the necessity of its orchestration was delineated.

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