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Recently Published by IRC:
“Actuarial Mathematics for Pensions”
The book “Actuarial Mathematics for Pensions - Basics and Concepts applied to Business” has been translated and released by IRC.

The book, originally written by Dominique Beckers, has been translated by Dr. Ahmad Salahnejad Ghalehjoee into Persian and published by IRC. The book is one of the professional books in the insurance field that focuses on the fundamental concepts of actuarial mathematics in the pension business management and securing pension especially in private funds. The present book comprises of four chapters and is presented in a simple language that is useful for all the interested individuals in understanding how pensions are secured. The first chapter deals with Mortality Tables and the Impact on Pensions, the second chapter focuses on Discounting Funding and Reserving for Pensions, the third chapter addresses Vested Rights to Pension Entitlements, and the final chapter targets Solvency, The Balance Sheet and Pensions.

The translated book is based on mortality measurements, financing, the benefit framework, solvency and their impact on the balance sheet of the pension institutes. With reference to the legal aspects and Belgian insurance law, some points regarding the assessment of the liability and pension benefits have been provided in the book.

Those interested to purchase the translation of the book “Actuarial Mathematics for Pensions - Basics and Concepts applied to Business” by Dr. Ahmad Salahnejad Ghalehjoee, please visit the bookshop of IRC at the address: 43, West Sarv St., Saadat Abad, Tehran, Iran or call 0098-21-22073036.

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