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Principles and Method of Interpreting Insurance Contracts
The book “Principles and Methods of Interpreting Insurance Contracts” attempts not only to examine the interpretation tenets of legal contracts but to investigate the interpretation principles of insurance law. Besides, with its scrupulous and professional standpoint, it provides the results of its investigations and proposes some recommendations, according to PRIAO, IRC.

“Principles and Method of Interpreting Insurance Contracts” is the book written by Hamid Hamidian and published by IRC. The book generally deals with the principles and method of interpreting insurance contracts.

The book comprises of an introduction and two sections. The first section provides the conceptual and theoretical framework used for interpreting insurance contracts. The first chapter of this section deals with the necessary concepts that must be addressed in the insurance contracts including their common and specific features when compared with other contracts. The second chapter focuses on the theoretical basis of the interpretation doctrines of insurance contracts.  

The second section of the book deals with the first and second doctrines. The first chapter of this section examines and broadly explains the first doctrine, the tools used for interpretation based on this doctrine, and finally the principles that must be applied when interpreting such policies. Adopting a supportive approach toward the policyholder, the second chapter focuses on the second doctrine of interpreting insurance contracts. It attempts to support the customer and the weaker party in a contract.

Those interested can purchase the book from IRC’s bookshop at 34, West Sarv St., SaadatAbad, Iran or call 0098-21-22066063 – 141.

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