With a history of a decade in research and training, Insurance Research Center (IRC) has come to a stage to be identified as a pioneering research institute that develops necessary knowledge and training in the realms of insurance and risk in Iran.

Having professional and competent staff and up-to-date training facilities, this academic and research center, acting consistent with the grand policies of the country regarding knowledge-driven economy as the main pillar of the resistance economy has always given priority to value-added productivity.

The main activities of the Insurance Research Center can be classified into five sets: “research plans”, “training”, “dissertation projects”, “publication of books”, and “journals”. The strategic guideline of IRC mandates its research body to tailor the technical knowledge of insurance, risk and actuary to meet the scientific needs and to solve the problems of the insurance industry through conducting thorough studies and training.

IRC enriched with highly skillful human capital, modern facilities and acceptable capabilities, in its short lifecycle has successfully accomplished a dozen of research plans and over 600 master’s and doctoral dissertations. Holding training courses for the industry’s personnel and managers, conducting a wide range of seminars and conferences to improve the state and performance of the insurance industry are other remarkable achievements of IRC. Furthermore, since its foundation, this academic center has published over 300 books in various fields of risk, insurance, economy and etc., a graded scientific-research journal, and two graded scientific-promotional journals, in Persian and English and some other periodicals.

In order to make its knowledge products more applicable, IRC has intensely concentrated its activities on demand and supply in the insurance industry. Also, to transform its findings, it has attempted to forge and maintain strong and productive relationship with Central Insurance of I.R. Iran (Insurnace Supervisory and Regulatory Authority) and the insurance industry. In this regard, following the advice of the president of CII, several research insights and professional training courses have been developed and designed in order to solve relevant problems and to enhance the general condition of the insurance industry. Accordingly, new research plans are expected to emerge from the same standpoint. Meanwhile, it must be noted that with offering professional training for the industry’s personnel, conducting nation-wide examinations for brokers, adjusters, and agencies, IRC has constantly attempted to maintain a productive relationship with the industry.

Relying on knowledge management and the knowledge of management, IRC believes that with the help and support from universities, academic and research centers and employing global knowledge in commercial insurances, it can undeniably make major strides in line with the grand objectives of the country to exploit the resources to tackle industry’s problems and develop new knowledge. It is quite evident that this academic and research center will warmly welcome all the views and embarks to move along this path.