Fri 22 Nov 2019

Academic and International Cooperation

The following are some of the MOU's and contracts signed with academic institutions along with their subject and status:

- The College of Economy, Tehran University – Ph.D. program on insurance economics – Signed contract;

- Shahid Beheshti University – Ph.D. program on actuarial sciences – Signed contract;

- Eco University – Ph.D. program on insurance – Signed Contract;

- Sharif University – Insurance-based MBA program – No signed document;

- University of Mazandaran – Bilateral training and research projects on insurance – Signed MOU;

- Gulf International Institute (Bahrain) – International courses on insurance and applied insurance – Signed MOU;

- Malaysian Institute of Insurance – Professional insurance courses, DMII (Diploma of Malaysian Insurance Institute), and Insurance Teacher Training Courses – Signed MOU;

- Signed MOU on training and research with National Association of Consumer Rights, Insurance Industry Experts Association, Tamin Sarmayeh Novin Brokerage Co., Supreme National Defense University.

- Poznań University of Economics and Business (PUEB) - Professional and Training Programs, Conferences, Seminars and Workshops, Research and Development, Publication, and Exchange of Staff and Information.

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