Fri 22 Nov 2019
Research Groups

1. Life Insurance Research Group

Director: Dr. Mitra Ghanbarzadeh
Phone: 0098-21- 22083895

2. Property and Casualty (Non-life) Insurance Research Group

Director: : Dr. Maryam Asnaashari
Phone: 0098-21-22082936

3. Insurance Macro Studies Research Group

Director: Dr. Farzan Khamesian
Phone: 0098-21- 22078621

The IRC research groups have several general responsibilities that are as follows:
- Developing the annual plan of the group and submission to the Head of IRC,
- Prioritizing the research themes relevant to the main areas of focus in the research group,
- Carrying out research on the areas of insurance relevant to the main focus of the research group,
- Reporting reliable resources for translation,
- Proposing topics for authoring books,
- Study and provide comments pertaining to research projects relevant to the main areas of focus in the research group,
- Cooperating with universities, institutes, and related research centers with the aim of helping and advising master`s and Ph.D. Dissertation projects,
- Attending pertinent conferences and symposiums and providing reports,
- Cooperating and tuning with other research groups at IRC,
- Assessing completed studies for their capability of being published as an article, book or a film and other means of research achievements dissemination,
- Authoring and translating books with fundamental focus in the main areas of research group activity by the fellow researchers or from outside,
- Assessing scientific qualification of fellow researchers to join to the group,
- Providing proposals for conducting conferences, seminars, and symposiums in the main areas of research group activity.

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