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Appointment Ceremony for the New Head of IRC


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On Feb. 19, 2019, an appointment ceremony for the new Head of Insurance Research Center was held at IRC building with the participation of Dr. Soleymani, President of Central Insurance of I.R. Iran (Insurance Regulatory and Supervisory Authority), Members of the Boards of CII, Members of the Board of Trustees and IRC staff.

In his keynote speech, President of CII referred to the previous Head (Countinue ....)

Biannual Periodical Review on Iran’s Insurance Market Released by IRC


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The first volume of a periodical review of Iran’s insurance market has been released. This periodical will be published biannually and will be covering an overview of the insurance industry status quo and its ideal status, future outlook of the insurance market, assessment of major quarterly trends of the insurance industry indices, long-/mid-/short-term analyses, and an evaluation of the insura (Countinue ....)

IRC and CIVILICA Signed MOU on Scientific Collaborations


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Today, a memorandum of understanding was inked between Insurance Research Center and CIVILICA Publication, the director and patent holder of CIVILICA, an online scientific indexing service provider. Dr. Amir Safari, Head of IRC and Mr. Vojoodi, CEO of CIVILICA Publication signed the MOU at IRC, Tehran, Iran.

Some of the noted services to be provided by CIVILICA are indexing of conferences, jou (Countinue ....)

The First InsurTech Taskforce Meeting Held at IRC


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The first joint taskforce meeting primarily aimed at efficient utilization of InsurTechs in Iran’s insurance industry was held on December 18, 2018 at IRC. Convened by Life Insurance Research Group, the meeting gathered many across the industry including the Head of IRC, Research Deputy, members of research groups, reps from Bimeh Markazi (Insurance Supervisory and Regulatory Authority of I.R. I (Countinue ....)

Research Update: “Legal and Financial Aspects of the Implementation Framework and Supervisory Principles Governing M&A Activities of the Insurance Companies”


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On December 9, 2018, a professional forum was held at IRC on a lately accomplished research project entitled: “Legal and Financial Aspects of the Implementation Framework and Supervisory Principles Governing M&A Activities of the Insurance Companies” with the participation of the Head of IRC, Research Deputy, experts from the research groups, representatives from General Director of Planni (Countinue ....)

NICOID Closing Ceremony: “Non-regulated InsurTechs Will Bring About Systemic and Catastrophic Devastations”


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In the closing panel of 25th NICOID, Dr. Amir Safari, Secretary of Conference, stated that the entrance of InsurTechs to the insurance industry was not at the industry's will. He also explained that in the entire world, the power for entrance is maintained by the InsurTechs per se hence an effective policy is required for a symbiotic synergy.

“If the InsurTechs’ activities are not regulate (Countinue ....)

25th NICOID: An Initiative for a Dialog between Insurance Industry and Information Technology


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Twenty Fifth Conference on Insurance and Development was inaugurated with Dr. Amir Safari’s keynote speech at Milad Tower where two thousand participants from across the insurance community had gathered and major political and influential officials namely the First Vice-President, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, the President of Bimeh Markazi (Insurance Supervisory and Regulatory Autho (Countinue ....)

Promotion of Insurance Industry Leads to Human Dignity


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Insurance industry is equipped with many capabilities and capacities that can assuage the state’s concerns regarding natural catastrophes and accidents. This is what Dr. Gholamreza Soleymani, President of Bimeh Markazi (Insurance Supervisory and Regulatory Authority of I.R. Iran) stated in his keynote speech at 25th National Conference on Insurance and Development (25th NICOID) on Tuesday, Decem (Countinue ....)

Research Update: “Demand System for Iranian Households for Estimating Premium Elasticity”


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IRC has released a new study on the correlation between household expenditures and their reciprocal effects. Hence, using the quadratic almost ideal demand system (QUAIDS) model, the association between each consumer goods group with relevant variables and other goods group demands are studied.

Conducted by Insurance Economics and Financial Research Group, the research divides consumer goods in (Countinue ....)

Dr. Safari: “The Whole Insurance Value Chain Is Intertwined with Information Technology”


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Nov. 27, 2018. As before, a media conference dedicated to the upcoming Conference on Insurance and Development was conducted at IRC.

Dr. Amir Safari, Head of Insurance Research Center, initially referred to the main theme of the 25th conference i.e. ‘Insurance Industry, Innovation, and Information Technology’ and said that this broad subject was chosen due to the fast growing application o (Countinue ....)

Chosen Papers and Posters of 25th NICOID Accessible to the Public


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Out of 168 papers submitted to the secretary office of the scientific committee of 25th NICOID, 12 papers and 26 posters were chosen to be presented at this one-day event.

The submitted papers were undergone careful assessment by four referees and their final decisions were announced last week, according to PRIAO, IRC.

The list of the titles of papers and posters are accessible at 25th NICO (Countinue ....)

Publication Update: “Pecuniary Loss Insurance”


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Providing beneficial and applicable ideas on a relatively overlooked coverage category, a new book has been released by IRC on pecuniary losses.

Authored by Dr. Said Sehhat, Ali MoradNejad, and Ali ShadiAlanagh, the book comprises of 5 chapters including: An Introduction to Pecuniary Loss Insurance, Credit Insurance, Guarantee Insurance, Loss of Profit Insurance, and Fidelity Guarantee, accordi (Countinue ....)

The Focus of a New Study: Risk and Other Factors in Premium Calculation for Hull and Machinery Insurance


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Nov. 20, 2018. With the participation of IRC research deputy, Cargo, Ship, and Aviation Insurance Leader from Dana Insurance Co., and some of the directors and experts from IRC research groups, a specialist forum was held on a research project entitled “Study of The Risk and Effective Factors in Premium Calculation for Hull and Machinery Insurance” at IRC, according to PRIAO.

Conducted by P (Countinue ....)

Iranian InsurTechs and Incumbents Face-to-Face in The Insurance Day


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As always the Conference on Insurance and Development is held in December 4th coincided with the National Insurance Day in Iran. This year, however, this huge Iranian insurance community event seems to differ from the previous years. The Iranian InsurTechs are here to present their latest offerings to the participants attending the conference.

According to PRIAO at IRC, many prominent and polit (Countinue ....)

Research Update: How could “RegTechs” possibly be helpful for the Insurance Industry?


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October 11, 2018, the results of a study entitled “A Review on the Concept of RegTech and its Features” were presented in a technical forum attended by the Head, Research Deputy and some of the directors and experts of IRC.

Conducted and presented by Life Insurance Research Group, the study deals with the regulation in an environment where the traditional business models have transformed in (Countinue ....)

Publication Update: “Applied Reinsurance”


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A good news for the re/insurance readers and the interested: a new book entitled “Applied Reinsurance” has been released by IRC.

According to PRIAO, the book is written in simple terms for all types of audiences including insurance industry activists and university students.

Authored by Lotfollah Nekoee Dastjerdi, the book comprises of 8 chapters: General Overview, Various Reinsurance T (Countinue ....)

Presented at Kish INVEX 2018: Current Status, Challenges, and Prospects of Iran’s Insurance Industry


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Speaking at Kish INVEX 2018, Dr. Amir Safari, Head of IRC, presented his views on Iran insurance industry’s current status, its performance and facing challenges and its immediate prospects and visions.

Initially, he presented some statistics on agents, brokers, assessors, and the number of industry’s employees based on gender and qualification. Later in his speech, he referred to and elabo (Countinue ....)

Research Update: Requirements, Benefits, and Commitments of Iran’s Insurance Industry in Joining WTO


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The results of a study on the requirements, benefits, and commitments of Iran’s insurance industry in joining World Trade Organization (WTO) was presented and discussed in a dedicated professional forum with the participation of Head of IRC, Deputy of Research, directors and experts from research groups, and reps from the Institute for Trade Studies and Research (ITSR).

Aimed at exploring rec (Countinue ....)

Dr. Safari: “Life Settlement Market Is a Necessity”


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Yesterday, the Seminar on Life Insurance Development was inaugurated by several major keynote speakers including Dr. Gholamreza Soleymani, President of CII (Insurance Supervisory and Regulatory Authority of I.R. Iran) and Dr. Amir Safari, Head of IRC (Insurance Research Center), Mr. Masoom Zamiri, and Mr. Khalil HassanZadeh, two scholars in the field of life insurance in Iran.

Referring to sta (Countinue ....)

Research Update: Study of the Requirements for the Formulation of Life Insurance Accounting Standards in Iran


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Life insurance in Iran is undergoing a huge change in recent years from the segregation of life reserves to life and non-life breakdown and now, its accounting standards. The study of the requirements for the formulation of such standards in Iran has been the main subject of a research project directed by Majid Benvidi, sponsored, supported, and published by IRC.

The subject of “Life Insuranc (Countinue ....)

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