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A Fuller Description of Driver-based TPL Policy Plan in the Radio Interview of Dr. Kordbacheh


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On September 8, Dr. Kordbacheh, Head of Insurance Research Center, had an interview with Iran Radio Channel where he could elaborate further on the Driver-based TPL Policy Plan and the criteria for relevant premium calculations.

Referring to the law passed on 2016 that required insurance companies to implement Driver-based TPL Policy Plan, Dr. Kordbacheh said: “In Iran, it is the characteris (Countinue ....)

IRC in Talk with ISNA: ‘Driver-based TPL Policy Plan in Just Two Years’


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In his interview with ISNA News Agency, the Head of IRC pointed to the ongoing work on the initial studies regarding driver-based third party liability (TPL) auto policies and hoped that its enforcement would be within two years.

“Implementation of this plan requires some preliminary studies in order to formulate the relevant by-laws and to have the probable challenges in prospect and find (Countinue ....)

“For More Efficiency, IRC Requires Running More Applied Studies”


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August 28, 2019, the second forum on “Insurance Research Center from Industry Key Players’ Perspective” was held with the participation of Dr. Kardegar, CEO of Dana Insurance Co. at IRC.

Introduced with the academic capacities of IRC, Dr. Kardegar expressed his positive view about the professional mix present at IRC and said: “I am astonished with such academic capabilities at IRC.”
(Countinue ....)

Insurance Company Reps Call for Intellectual Property Constitution for the Insurance Industry


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Yesterday, in the second meeting of Insurance Industry Scientific Coordination Council (IISCC), the proposal for offering a general purpose prize in the insurance industry, a framework for writing thesis by active insurance retirees, intellectual property (intangible property) constitution in the industry, and the ways for more proactive contributions in the 26th NCOID were discussed.

Held on A (Countinue ....)

Second Group of Industry Senior Managers Attended IFRS Training Program


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Yesterday, the second group of insurance industry managers attended IFRS training program at IRC.

The CEO’s and board members of the remaining 18 insurance companies along with the financial managers and deputies from CII (Supervisory and Regulatory Authority of I.R. Iran), Mr Mofid Amini and GholamAli Jahangiri, and Dr. Kordbacheh, Head of IRC attended the IFRS level one training program.

(Countinue ....)

Anti-Money Laundering Requires Trust in Authentication Infrastructures


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The final report pertaining to the research project entitled “Amendment for The Rules and Regulations Regarding Anti-Money Laundering in the Insurance Industry: Problem Identification and Recommendations” was presented in a professional forum at IRC.

Conducted by Life Insurance Research Group at IRC, the study is aimed at identifying the defects and spotting the gaps in the anti-money laund (Countinue ....)

Book under Revision: “Insurance Principles, Regulations, and Lines”


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While being in line with the main mission of IRC in promoting knowledge, the book entitled ‘Insurance Principles, Regulations, and Lines’ is acknowledged as one of the significant academic sources in the industry. It is also considered as the major exam source for agents, adjusters, and brokers who are willing to receive license or to renew their licenses.

The book is published in two volu (Countinue ....)

IFRS Training Program for the Industry Senior Managers


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With the participation of the CII Vice President in Planning & Development and some of the insurance company CEO’s and board members, the first session of the training program on the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) was held at IRC on August 6, according to PRIAO.

Referring to the significance of advancing insurance knowledge and the participation of senior managers in t (Countinue ....)

The Future of Auto Insurance and Artificial Intelligence Tools


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On August 5, 2019, a workshop was set up at IRC concerning the effect of AI tools on the auto insurance prospect with a particular focus on the introduction of these AI tools used for collecting data regarding the driver behavior and road features.

The workshop session was intended for maintaining the liaison between the insurance industry and the academic researchers and helping the industry l (Countinue ....)

Global and Domestic Futurology Practices in Latest Future Studies Workshop


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In the prospective national futurology program, the emphasis will be on the traditional models in which avoiding any reference to new technologies is highly recommended.

This is what Dr. Chaparak, the leader of the latest run of the future studies workshop said to the audience yesterday morning at IRC.

Many participants including the Head of IRC, IRC faculty members, and some experts from th (Countinue ....)

Sponsored Dissertations Are Digitally Accessible


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The Library, Scientific Documents and Publication Office of IRC has digitally published all of its sponsored dissertations for more convenient use of the public audience.

More than 900 dissertations are uploaded at the dedicated library website of IRC where each dissertation file is readable for only the first 10 pages and the rest are accessible for in-person use. However, the IRC personnel ar (Countinue ....)

Insurance Companies Form Consortium to Enter Agriculture Insurance Business


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On July 29, 2019, a technical forum was held about a research project on the insurable commercial risks in the agriculture sector.

Targeting the present opportunities in the agriculture sector for the commercial insurance companies, the forum discussions revolved around the agriculture sector risks and its classifications, the contributory factors in delivering agriculture insurance products, (Countinue ....)

Takaful Products in Iran: A Need Analysis and Feasibility Study


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A research project aimed at analyzing the needs and the possibility of offering takaful products in Sunni populated regions in Iran is now part of IRC’s research agenda. Proposed by the Supervisory and Regulatory Authority of I.R. of Iran (Bimeh Markazi), the project is intended to develop the insurance industry and to increase the insurance penetration rate in the country, according to PRIAO, I (Countinue ....)

“IRC Help Build and Develop Innovation Ecosystems in the Insurance Industry” Zarrabieh


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With the aim of meeting the objectives of the industry liaison office at IRC, the first forum was held with Mr Ahmad Reza Zarrabieh, CEO of Saman Insurance Co. with the participation of Dr. Kordbacheh, Head of IRC, his deputies and IRC faculty members on July 27, 2019.

The goal of the forum was to reflect on the current status of IRC at the industry and its prospective plans and programs for ke (Countinue ....)

Future Studies Workshop Hosted At IRC


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Today morning, future studies workshop was conducted at IRC and the general model for its application at the insurance industry was extensively explicated.

In this workshop where insurance industry experts had participated, the preconditions for any future study such as setting the overarching goals and decisions were discussed. Also, using a mixed method and based on developing scenarios, the (Countinue ....)

Preliminary Remarks on Geometric Methods in Financial Computation


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On July 16, 2019, a seminar was held on the use of geometric methods in financial computation with an introduction to the two static and dynamic methods and their superiority to the previous methods.

Dr. Boheiraee, the seminar leader highlighted the issues with the previous computation methods and referred to the multidimensional geometric computations as the best solution available, according (Countinue ....)

Industry Liaison Office to Be Established at IRC


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On July 15, 2019, the Head of Insurance Research Center officially announced the formation of an industry liaison office (ILO) in his visit with the industry professionals and experts.

With reference to the goals of the foundation of ILO, Dr. Kordbacheh said: “Along with the assertions of the President of Central Insurance of I.R. Iran, this office is to be established in order to identify th (Countinue ....)

Insurance Horizon Vol. 33 Released


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The 33rd volume of the bilingual Insurance Horizon magazine features auto insurance industry and its recent developments in Iran and the world.

According to a report by PRIAO, the Persian section of the bimonthly magazine includes 8 interviews with the Iranian insurance industry experts and activists who discuss auto industry from various perspectives.

This section also comprises of severa (Countinue ....)

Seminar on Usage-Based Insurance and Road Safety at IRC


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On July 13, 2019, a seminar on usage-based insurance (UBI) was held at Insurance Research Center with many participants from the academia and industry, according to PRIAO, IRC.

Usage-based insurance is gaining momentum throughout the world and several benefits have been identified for its proper implementation such as reduction of reckless behaviors, less fuel consumption, potential cost-saving (Countinue ....)

Partnering with the Industry Expanded: Six Areas of Collaboration between IRC and Kosar Insurance Co.


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On July 8, 2019, in line with furthering collaboration with the insurance industry, IRC and Kosar Insurance Co. sat to discuss bilateral cooperation areas.

In this meeting where the Head of IRC, Dr. Kordbacheh, CEO of Kosar Insurance, Dr. Mashalchi, and their deputies had participated, six areas of collaboration including IFRS-based accounting, NAT CAT insurance, new research projects, customer (Countinue ....)

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