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Biannual Periodical Review on Iran’s Insurance Market Released by IRC

The first volume of a periodical review of Iran’s insurance market has been released. This periodical will be published biannually and will be covering an overview of the insurance industry status quo and its ideal status, future outlook of the insurance market, assessment of major quarterly trends of the insurance industry indices, long-/mid-/short-term analyses, and an evaluation of the insurance sector and its players within three major areas: finance, risk and development.

Prepared with the Insurance Economics and Financial Research Group, the present periodical refers to the statistical data up to the second half of 1396 fiscal year (i.e. March 20, 2017-March 20, 2018), according to PRIAO, IRC.

The major emphasis throughout the review is to illustrate the correlation between insurance industry variables and those of the macro economy and highlighting this fact that any forecast for the status of the insurance sector is heavily contingent upon the macro economic conditions.

Introducing this new publication, Dr. Amir Safari, Head of IRC, stated: “The growing expectations in the industry means that we need to and are obliged to move from contributing simple analyses and reports to rather more sophisticated and deeper analyses.”

“In its financial analysis, the first volume of this periodical deals with the yields, efficiency, and stability of the insurance industry but in its risk analysis, due the presence of probability density function, it focuses rather more on the payouts of the insurance companies in macro and micro levels.” He added. “Finally, in the developmental analysis, the insurance industry is analyzed based on the production development, customer development, and progress indices.”

With reference to the developing status of Iran’s insurance industry, Safari stated: “In this periodical, by analyzing and estimating growth curve, an outlook of Iran’s insurance industry and its present and future development status is illustrated. At the meantime, a review of Iran’s insurance and economy is noted in order to explain any existing insurance production volatility. Finally, in order to derive a yearlong short-term forecast, a production analysis and projection for the insurance industry based on the macro indices of the industry is given.”

The Head of IRC also referred to the efforts of the IRC research staff in preparing the structure, components, and main features of this periodical, and said: “The lack of an analytic professional review has been evident for ages. Without such periodicals, we would not be able to possess a clear insight, analysis, and outlook of the insurance industry in the country. Insurance industry has a wealth of untapped statistical data that are not classified nor used for any types of professional analysis and no valuable information, knowledge, insight or outlook are derived from them. Hence, this periodical review is produced by IRC in order to fill this gap.”

“In the first volume of this review, to provide a more clear ground, we have specifically mentioned the methodologies used for the compilation of such indices. These methodological references will not be available in future volumes, though.” He added. “Yet, this periodical is not without problems. So, we are delighted to receive constructive views about it in order to consistently improve its structure, research methodologies, indices, and variables.”

The periodical is written in Persian and its first volume is available through:

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