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Appointment Ceremony for the New Head of IRC

On Feb. 19, 2019, an appointment ceremony for the new Head of Insurance Research Center was held at IRC building with the participation of Dr. Soleymani, President of Central Insurance of I.R. Iran (Insurance Regulatory and Supervisory Authority), Members of the Boards of CII, Members of the Board of Trustees and IRC staff.

In his keynote speech, President of CII referred to the previous Head of IRC, Dr. Safari and expressed his gratitude for his past years’ sincere efforts and introduced the new Head, Dr. Kordbacheh as “a person with vast knowledge and management expertise who holds higher education qualifications from Iran and abroad.” He also emphasized “Thus, it is a unique opportunity for the insurance industry to use his knowledge and executive expertise.”

Highlighting the overarching goal of university and industry collaboration, Dr. Soleymani, said: “The distinctive characteristic of IRC is its association with the industry and acknowledging its needs. Therefore, it is expected that broader scientific and scholarly collaboration to be fostered with the insurers who are extremely busy with their daily activities.”

“In the educational realm, I expect that IRC focuses on more professional fields and conduct training courses on high-profile subjects such as actuary.” The Head of High Council of Insurance mentioned.

“Advancing and exploring knowledge are the fundamental missions of IRC and based on the decent activities performed in these areas, I am quite confident about IRC.” He added.

The President of CII suggested IRC not to be one-dimensional in its profession and stated: “IRC, in its efforts must focus more on an appropriate relationship with the general public and take public opinion rather more seriously.”

He also underscored “insurance culture” as an urgent undertaking and asked IRC to turn its focus on studies related to insurance promotional activities, to formulate appropriate strategies in order to increase insurance penetration rate, and to help rise public satisfaction about the insurance industry.

“Insurance Research Center can be considered as one of the top five research institutes in the country. Despite this fact, it is essential that it strengthens its position in the academic environments.” He added. “Since insurance is an interdisciplinary field and is closely tied with economics, management, accounting, financial management, and etc., it can associate itself with several relevant academic spheres and recruit talents from the academia.”

Dr. Safari, the former Head of IRC, also provided a detailed report on the programs conducted by the research institute under his management and gave a clear view of its prospect.

The Head of IRC is nominated from the academic community by the President of Central Insurance of I.R. Iran and approved by the Minister of Sciences, Research & Technology for a period of 4 years. He must be a faculty member and his term in office is extendable. Among his major responsibilities are planning, signing contracts, annual budgeting and setting up research groups and enforcing the recommendations of the Board of Trustees and the Research Council.

In his speech, Dr. Hamid Kordbacheh, the new Head of IRC, referred to the research institute as a ‘young’ academic center and stated: “The recent efforts are the results of serious activities and this raises higher expectations.”

“Based on the present capacity and recent recorded practices, it is expected that IRC utilizes its full inner strength to conduct relevant research activities.” He emphasized.

The new head is entitled as the "administrator" in the organizational chart of IRC.

Dr. Hamid Kordbacheh holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Economics from University of Essex, UK. He is a faculty member at Al-Zahra University, Tehran, Iran.

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