Wed 18 Sep 2019


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Insurance Company Reps Call for Intellectual Property Constitution for the Insurance Industry

Yesterday, in the second meeting of Insurance Industry Scientific Coordination Council (IISCC), the proposal for offering a general purpose prize in the insurance industry, a framework for writing thesis by active insurance retirees, intellectual property (intangible property) constitution in the industry, and the ways for more proactive contributions in the 26th NCOID were discussed.

Held on August 26 and hosted by Iran Insurance Company, the 2nd meeting of IISCC received appeals from the insurance company reps for adopting a certain intellectual property constitution, integrating various academic fields into the insurance industry, hiring intellectuals for the sector, steering relevant graduate research projects in the country, and considering a general purpose prize in the insurance industry, according to PRIAO.

In this meeting, the insurance company reps highlighted the function of the insurance industry in the world as it compensates and heals the nonmaterial losses by providing peace and economic and mental health for the society.

Dr. Kordbacheh, Head of IRC, after hearing the appeals said: “According to the previous minute approvals, remarkable measures have been undertaken in this regard and given the positive feedbacks from the insurance companies, IRC is firmly intended to have substantial contribution for the industry. As a consequence, insurance industry regards a special position for the research and academic knowledge.”

“IRC’s will for the presence of the industry and mutual scientific collaboration is indomitable and without the industry’s presence, IRC would not have any impact in the society. Hence, the IRC’s contributions need to be applicable and one of the institutions that can help it in this endeavor is IISCC.”

Referring to the significance of identifying the insurance industry needs and the formation of IISCC, Dr. Niakan, IRC Research Deputy said: “The formation of this council have brought up positive results and there are several proposal regarding its structure.”

“Brainstorming for eliciting activities, disseminating academic studies in the insurance industry, and avoiding parallel operations are some of the obligations of IISCC.” She said.

With reference to the production of insurance-related content, she said: “Conducting seminars and conferences can enormously contribute to this end and we are trying to focus on sociological issues in the insurance industry.”

It must be also noted that several significant points regarding 26th NCOID were also discussed in the meeting.

Time: 2019-08-27
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