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“For More Efficiency, IRC Requires Running More Applied Studies”

August 28, 2019, the second forum on “Insurance Research Center from Industry Key Players’ Perspective” was held with the participation of Dr. Kardegar, CEO of Dana Insurance Co. at IRC.

Introduced with the academic capacities of IRC, Dr. Kardegar expressed his positive view about the professional mix present at IRC and said: “I am astonished with such academic capabilities at IRC.”

“I also recommend your professional research teams to focus rather more on law and technology.” He stressed.

“Since insurance is basically a [legal] contract, it is inevitable to enter into more serious fields such as insurance law and IRC can play its vital role in formulating such contracts and actively participating in courts dealing specifically with insurance claims.” He elaborated. He also underscored the impact of information technology on the modern insurance markets.

Dr. Kardegar pointed to the insurance industry journey from exclusive market to tariff-based market and then, to freeing tariffs and relevant regulatory issues and clarified the most important risks posed on the insurance industry.

“The present insurance market does not have any features of a competitive market in terms of distribution shares. So, this must be considered in the supervisory practices.”

He also called for more studies to be conducted in the realm of life insurances and said: “The path to insurance development through life insurance is less coarse.”

In his comments, Dr. Kordbaceh, Head of IRC, referred to fostering synergy between IRC and the industry and demanded for more presence of this scientific institute in the industry decision-making authorities. This was welcomed with the CEO of Dana Insurance Co.

It must be noted that the first session of this series of forums was held with Mr Zarrabieh, CEO of Saman Insurance Co. on July 27, 2019.

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