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  • Date : Sat Jan 01, 2022
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IRC Released:
Saying No to ‘No’ in Liability Insurances
Insurance Research Center (IRC) has published a book titled “Saying ‘No’ to No in Liability Insurances: The Essential Know-hows of Liability Insurance for Agents”.

Policies in all the insurance lines are fundamentally a contract and are governed by the laws. However, one of the insurance businesses having a strong relationship with these laws is liability insurance. Accordingly, in an understandable and simplified language, the legal know-hows for the sale network and agents are presented in a book titled “Saying ‘No’ to No in Liability Insurances: The Essential Know-hows of Liability Insurance for Agents”. Authored by Mr. Khalil Aghajani Ashkevari and Mahdi Alhuee Nazari, the book is intended to make the insurance agents familiar with the latest issues in their business and to broaden their skills in their underwriting activities in the liability insurances.

The present book comprises of 8 chapters including The General Concepts, Getting Familiar with Civil Liability and Liability Insurances, Types of Civil Liability Insurances, Criminal Laws Regarding Vehicle Owners, Liability Insurers and Sale Network, Filing Complaint against Insurers in Liability Insurances, and Some Experiences in Selling Liability Insurance.

The readers will get acquainted with the simple terms and concepts in the field of law and the relationship between the law and insurance industry and its significance. They will not only get familiar with the legal perspectives with regard to liability insurances and the philosophies behind them, but also find out about the insurance industry directives in relation to liability insurances. By reading the book, the audiences will gain the necessary knowledge to have the strongest sale communication with their customers and to have a special competitive advantage over the other market players. The book also enables the life insurance sale persons to develop their knowledge and capability in relation to liability insurance. It too helps them answer the possible inquiries and questions of the policyholders regarding liability insurances and by doing so, establish trust in their audiences while selling liability insurance in their packages, as well.

Those interested can purchase the book from IRC's bookshop at the address: 43, West Sarv St., SaadatAbad, Tehran, Iran or call 0098-21-22066063-666.

The book can also be purchased online via the following web address:

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