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  • Date : Tue Jan 11, 2022
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Update of Statistical System of the Insurance Industry (SAB)
Having 61 variables and more than 92 thousands data, Statistical System of the Insurance Industry was recently updated. The system is freely accessible and responsive in computer and smart phone. The system allows for the simultaneous selection of multiple variables and working in EXCEL and HTML spaces.

Based on its mission to regularly publish and disseminate insurance statistical data and report and with the aim of fostering research activities and tackling physical data barriers, IRC with the cooperation of Central Insurance of I. R. Iran (CII), developed Statistical System of the Insurance Industry (SAB) on February 11, 2021, according to Public Relations Office of IRC. Every year, IRC regularly publishes Insurance Industry Annual.

The statistical data website is accessible via https://isp.irc.ac.ir and allows for tailored data in time series and panel data outputs.

After several updates and addition of new variables and buttons, SAB now comprises of 61 variables that are further classified based on province, line of business, and company. These data are computed and released in the Insurance Industry Annual. In the time series, SAB provides data regarding business lines, insurance companies, provincial data, human resources, and reinsurance data.

SAB not only allows for simultaneous selection of multiple variables and their presentation in two working spaces including EXCEL and HTML, it can present the data in bar and linear charts. In EXCEL working space, the user is able to use all the features of the software including statistical calculations, writing formula, and drawing graphs, at the same time, it allows for saving of the output files in desired format on users’ PC.

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