Fri 22 Nov 2019
Consulting Rates for Iranian Commercial Insurance, 2014, Volume 2: Personal Insurance

Authors: Dr. Alireza Daghighi Asli, Khashayar Tashtzar, Dr. Leili Niakan

Coordinator: Life Insurance Research Group


In insurance industry, rates should be fair in a way that both policyholders and insurers feel satisfied.

For the first time in Iran, Consulting Rates for Personal Insurance have been provided by IRC.  In providing these Consulting Rates, available data of insurance market have been used. By this, insurers can have access to accurate estimates. However, it must be noted that these rates are only suggested and there is no obligation for their use.

Key Words: Consulting Rates, Commercial Insurance, Personal Insurance.

Study on Computing Methods and Risk Assessment in Life Insurance

Authors: Dr. Ebrahim Abbasi, Dr. Leili Niakan, Khashayar Tashtzar, Ehsan Jalali Lavasani

Coordinator: Life Insurance Research Group


"Risk" is fundamental keyword in the knowledgebase of insurance. All activities are somehow related to this concept and have been formed based on this concept. The present study is performed despite the lack of Persian resources and literature regarding "risk" studies as well as its applied priorities. In this project, the definition of risk and related concepts are addressed and then risk measurement indicators are introduced.

Since the identification, analysis, evaluation, risk treatment, monitoring and feedback are the process of risk management, then there should be a precise definition of risk assessment and standards to be reviewed and if necessary new standards should be recommended. Also factors in determining the life insurance premiums are presented and their effect on calculations and examined. In this context, computational methods for a variety of life insurance products are introduced. Evaluation and calculation of life insurance risks from the perspective of laws and regulations in this field have been studied. Evaluation of Risk Assessment of life insurance in insurance companies could provide a prospect of gap between the status quo and what should be done theoretically and practically.

Key Words: