Insurance Research Center (IRC) as part of its mission ‘to promote collaboration with foreign and domestic universities and academic institutes is intended to invite all the relevant academic and scientific institutions and universities that deal with insurance, risk management and actuary from all over the world to send us their proposal regarding mutual academic cooperation.

The operational areas for cooperation with IRC include:

- Conducting studies with the academic experts from IRC based on the Prioritized Research Areas updated each year;

- Research assistantship for major studies conducted or sponsored by IRC and relevant bodies;

- Signing MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) and LOA (Letter of Agreement) on mutual academic interests;

- Conducting courses, short-term seminars and workshops on relevant topics, issues, and trends in insurance and risk;

- Membership in IRC journals’ editorial boards;

- Membership in the scientific committees of NICOID (Nat’l & Int’l Conference on Insurance and Development) and similar events at IRC;

- Attending NICOID as a keynote speaker and/or other similar events that will be announced in the event section of IRC English website.

Please, send us your proposals regarding the abovementioned cooperation areas to the below contact information:


Phone: 0098-21-22081088


Some of IRC’s previous academic cooperation are as follows:

- The College of Economy, Tehran University – Ph.D. program on insurance economics – Signed contract;
- Shahid Beheshti University – Ph.D. program on actuarial sciences – Signed contract;

- ECO University – Ph.D. program on insurance – Signed Contract;

- Sharif University – Insurance-based MBA program – No signed document;

- University of Mazandaran – Bilateral training and research projects on insurance – Signed MOU;

- Gulf International Institute (Bahrain) – International courses on insurance and applied insurance – Signed MOU;

- Malaysian Institute of Insurance – Professional insurance courses, DMII (Diploma of Malaysian Insurance Institute), and Insurance Teacher Training Courses – Signed MOU;

In recent years, IRC has signed MOU on training and research with other relevant institutions inlcuding National Association of Consumer Rights, Insurance Industry Experts Association, Tamin Sarmayeh Novin Brokerage Co., Supreme National Defense University, Allameh Tabataba'i Universtiy, Tehran University.




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