Wed 13 Nov 2019

Blockchain Training Course for the Senior Managers of Insurance Industry

A training course on blockchain intended for the CEO’s of the insurance companies, Members of the Board of Bimeh Markazi (Insurance Supervisory and Regulatory Authority), and the leaders of relevant associations will be held at IRC. The Data Mining Taskforce at IRC has planned to hold an introductory course on the general concepts of blockchain technology and its applications in the insurance industry on November 23, 2019, according to PRIAO, IRC. The content of the course include an introdu (Countinue ....)

Social Rationality the Foundation of Driver-Based TPL Insurance

The second meeting of Insurance Social Studies Taskforce was held with the participation of Dr. Kordbacheh, Head of IRC, Dr. Badreh, the Head of the Taskforce, and many of IRC’s research fellows and industry experts. The sociocultural dimension of driver-based third party liability insurance law was on the meeting agenda, according to PRIAO, IRC. Themes such as exploitation of the present legal forces, a layered and phase-based enforcement of the new law, the possible encounter of the insured w (Countinue ....)

Forum Held on Emerging Technologies and Modern Businesses in the Insurance Industry

Sponsored by Insurance Research Center (IRC), a professional forum was held by Armed Forces Fund (AFF) at Tehran, Iran. The event hosted many from across the industry including the Head and Research Deputy of IRC, according to PRIAO. Beside the forum, the CEO of AFF and IRC delegate discussed on the mutual interests and underscored enforcing the articles of the formerly signed MOU between the two parties. The themes of the forum included but not limited to the emerging technologies in the ins (Countinue ....)

Social Behavioral Change the Major Driver in Insurance Economics

A newly formed taskforce at IRC is intended to study economic behavioral insights in the insurance industry, according to PRIAO report. Behavioral economics is a branch of economic sciences that attempts to increase the justifiability of the archetypal economic models via hypotheses derived from empirical observations, psychological studies, and extermination of human behavior. The overarching goal of behavioral economics is to find the maximum compatibility of economic theories and the real worl (Countinue ....)

NCOID Executive Committee Held Its First Meeting

The first meeting of the Executive Committee of National Conference on Insurance and Development (NCOID) was held at IRC, yesterday. Dr. Hozouri, the Executive Secretary of NCOID, gave a general report on the measurements undertaken in the committee and presented the future programs of IRC for conducting NCOID, according to PRIAO, IRC. It must be noted that the annual conference will be held on December 3 and 4 with the main them of exploring Insurance Penetration Rate. For more informatio (Countinue ....)

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