Wed 18 Sep 2019

A Fuller Description of Driver-based TPL Policy Plan in the Radio Interview of Dr. Kordbacheh

On September 8, Dr. Kordbacheh, Head of Insurance Research Center, had an interview with Iran Radio Channel where he could elaborate further on the Driver-based TPL Policy Plan and the criteria for relevant premium calculations. Referring to the law passed on 2016 that required insurance companies to implement Driver-based TPL Policy Plan, Dr. Kordbacheh said: “In Iran, it is the characteristics of a car that accounts for pricing third party liability auto insurance such as make and model of a (Countinue ....)

IRC in Talk with ISNA: ‘Driver-based TPL Policy Plan in Just Two Years’

In his interview with ISNA News Agency, the Head of IRC pointed to the ongoing work on the initial studies regarding driver-based third party liability (TPL) auto policies and hoped that its enforcement would be within two years. “Implementation of this plan requires some preliminary studies in order to formulate the relevant by-laws and to have the probable challenges in prospect and find appropriate solutions.” Explaining about the new TPL auto plan, Dr. Korbacheh said. (Countinue ....)

“For More Efficiency, IRC Requires Running More Applied Studies”

August 28, 2019, the second forum on “Insurance Research Center from Industry Key Players’ Perspective” was held with the participation of Dr. Kardegar, CEO of Dana Insurance Co. at IRC. Introduced with the academic capacities of IRC, Dr. Kardegar expressed his positive view about the professional mix present at IRC and said: “I am astonished with such academic capabilities at IRC.” “I also recommend your professional research teams to focus rather more on law and technology.” H (Countinue ....)

Insurance Company Reps Call for Intellectual Property Constitution for the Insurance Industry

Yesterday, in the second meeting of Insurance Industry Scientific Coordination Council (IISCC), the proposal for offering a general purpose prize in the insurance industry, a framework for writing thesis by active insurance retirees, intellectual property (intangible property) constitution in the industry, and the ways for more proactive contributions in the 26th NCOID were discussed. Held on August 26 and hosted by Iran Insurance Company, the 2nd meeting of IISCC received appeals from the insura (Countinue ....)

Second Group of Industry Senior Managers Attended IFRS Training Program

Yesterday, the second group of insurance industry managers attended IFRS training program at IRC. The CEO’s and board members of the remaining 18 insurance companies along with the financial managers and deputies from CII (Supervisory and Regulatory Authority of I.R. Iran), Mr Mofid Amini and GholamAli Jahangiri, and Dr. Kordbacheh, Head of IRC attended the IFRS level one training program. In the commencement of the course, Dr. Kordbacheh welcomed the audience and said: “The decree to impl (Countinue ....)

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