Tue 17 Jan 2017

Formulation and Proposal of Corporate Governance Bylaw Regarding Iranian Insurance Companies

The Head of Insurance Research Center (IRC) announced the accomplishment of the formulation of the proposed bylaw pertaining to the corporate governance of the Iranian insurance companies at IRC. "In this project and for the formulation and preparation of the proposed bylaw, the regulations related to the corporate governance of insurance institutes and IAIS at Australia, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, OECD Guidelines on Insurer Governance (joint work of OECD and IAIS), ICP7 and (Countinue ....)

IRAN, The Focus of FAIR Review

The Federation of Afro-Asian Insurers and Reinsurers publishes 'FAIR Review' quarterly to disseminate the research work, articles and information relating to its principal objectives and to enhance professional knowledge among insurance professionals. (Countinue ....)

Unusual Charges on Insurance Deviates Industry Capacities

Dr. Hemmati, President of Bimeh Markazi of I.R. Iran (Insurance Supervisory and Regulatory Authority) referring to the above point in his keynote speech at 23rd NICOID, on Dec. 3, 2016 stated that "The public trust index for the Iran's insurance industry is close to the global average and is in a decent condition." According to a report by PRIOA. Toward Professionalism Referring to IRR 250 billion investment in the insurance industry, Dr. Hemmati said "It must be noted that this (Countinue ....)

Decent Market Mechanism Leads to Competitive Pricing in Insurance Industry

"The flow of information in the insurance industry will be transparent if professional and structural competition is established in the insurance market." stated the Conference Director at his keynote speech at 23rd NICOID on Dec. 3, 2016. In the inauguration ceremony of 23rd NICOID, Dr. Safari stated "If the market mechanism functions properly, pricing of the insurance products will be competitive and as a result, all the active players will enjoy being in such an environment.&quo (Countinue ....)

Direct Foreign Investment in Life and Non-life Insurance in Iran Growing

Referring to the foreign companies surge into NICOID event, Alaxander Ankel, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of ERGO International AG, stated in his keynote speech at 23rd NICOID on Dec. 3 that this point indicates that insurance industry in Iran is developing. Based on a report by PRIAO, Mr. Ankel who had participated 23rd NICOID as a keynote speaker said that it seems that insurance in Iran has remarkably grown and fortunately in life and non-life insurances, direct foreign investment has increa (Countinue ....)

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