Tue 16 Jul 2019

Industry Liaison Office to Be Established at IRC

On July 15, 2019, the Head of Insurance Research Center officially announced the formation of an industry liaison office (ILO) in his visit with the industry professionals and experts. With reference to the goals of the foundation of ILO, Dr. Kordbacheh said: “Along with the assertions of the President of Central Insurance of I.R. Iran, this office is to be established in order to identify the research needs of the insurance industry and working to fulfill those needs, to exploit the capabiliti (Countinue ....)

Insurance Horizon Vol. 33 Released

The 33rd volume of the bilingual Insurance Horizon magazine features auto insurance industry and its recent developments in Iran and the world. According to a report by PRIAO, the Persian section of the bimonthly magazine includes 8 interviews with the Iranian insurance industry experts and activists who discuss auto industry from various perspectives. This section also comprises of several reports on numerous relevant subjects from the world including international auto insurance practices, (Countinue ....)

Seminar on Usage-Based Insurance and Road Safety at IRC

On July 13, 2019, a seminar on usage-based insurance (UBI) was held at Insurance Research Center with many participants from the academia and industry, according to PRIAO, IRC. Usage-based insurance is gaining momentum throughout the world and several benefits have been identified for its proper implementation such as reduction of reckless behaviors, less fuel consumption, potential cost-savings for responsible customers, and social and environmental benefits from more responsible and less unnece (Countinue ....)

Partnering with the Industry Expanded: Six Areas of Collaboration between IRC and Kosar Insurance Co.

On July 8, 2019, in line with furthering collaboration with the insurance industry, IRC and Kosar Insurance Co. sat to discuss bilateral cooperation areas. In this meeting where the Head of IRC, Dr. Kordbacheh, CEO of Kosar Insurance, Dr. Mashalchi, and their deputies had participated, six areas of collaboration including IFRS-based accounting, NAT CAT insurance, new research projects, customer satisfaction, insurance legal studies, and knowledge and human resource management were discussed and i (Countinue ....)

The 4th Futurology Workshop Held at IRC

The fourth workshop in row on the futures studies in the insurance industry was held at IRC with the key speaker and trainer, Dr. Mostafa Mehr Aeen, Research Fellow at National Research Institute for Science Policy (NRISP). He discussed the futures studies from the philosophical and sociological perspectives and was received positively by the participants. Emphasizing on the fact that the futures studies (as apposed to 'future' studies) is a knowledge based on the existing data such as elites of (Countinue ....)

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