Thu 23 Mar 2017

Strategies Proposed by the Insurance Industry Regarding Plasco Fire Event

On March 15, 2017, a forum was hosted by IRC on the cataclysmic event of Plasco building collapse, with the intent of analyzing the learned lessons in terms of prevention, crisis management, insurance and risk management, and the role of the insurance industry in relieving the wounds of the society after such events. In this this forum, the Head of IRC among the members of the Technical Committee of Bimeh Marakzi (Insurance Supervisory and Regulatory Authority), managers of the fire sector of the (Countinue ....)

Bilingual Nationwide Magazine Published

Insurance Horizon, Vol. 21, a monthly analytic news and information magazine has been published by IRC and distributed across the insurance industry. The Persian and English sections of this edition of Insurance Horizon deal with various issues featuring the Palsco colossal fire, fire insurance, and a historical account of such events and also a guideline on earthquake in Persian side and renter’s insurance, World Bank microinsurance project, and global insurance market index in the English side o (Countinue ....)

Publication Update: “The Essence and Application of Reinsurance”

Insurance Research Center Publication has released a new book authored by Ardashir Ahadi on ‘reinsurance’. According to a report by PRIAO, the book is founded on the academic expertise and practical experiences of the author in various lines of reinsurance business. “The Essence and Application of Reinsurance” attempts to provide practical solutions and introduces various sources especially in non-life sector to the reader. The small volume yet rich content book is structured in three c (Countinue ....)

Publication Update: “Risk Management and Agricultural Insurances”

Insurance Research Center Publication has released a new book on farmers and gardeners’ insurance coverage. Authored and compiled by Mr. Khosro Gharibi, the book presents the relevant knowledge sources regarding crop and agricultural insurances and two decades of theoretical and practical expertise in providing an insurance model for agricultural products, according to a report by PRIAO. The book reviews issues such as modeling for temperature-related losses, remote sensing and geographical (Countinue ....)

Research Project Completed and Presented at IRC: "Study of the Rules and Regulations Regarding the Participation Process of the Foreign Insurance Institutes in Iran and Further Recommendation"

The results pertaining to the research project accomplished by Insurance Management and Regulation Research Group was presented in a professional meeting at IRC on January 30th, 2016. The Head of IRC, Research Deputy, senior managers and research fellows from IRC and several representatives from Central Insurance of I.R. Iran (Insurance Supervisory and Regulatory Authority of I. R. Iran), domestic insurance companies, Investment Services Center (Tehran Province), Iran Foreign Investment Company (IFI (Countinue ....)

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