Wed 24 Oct 2018

Research Update: Requirements, Benefits, and Commitments of Iran’s Insurance Industry in Joining WTO

The results of a study on the requirements, benefits, and commitments of Iran’s insurance industry in joining World Trade Organization (WTO) was presented and discussed in a dedicated professional forum with the participation of Head of IRC, Deputy of Research, directors and experts from research groups, and reps from the Institute for Trade Studies and Research (ITSR). Aimed at exploring recent attempts by the insurance industry to join WTO, the research project was conducted by Life Insurance (Countinue ....)

Dr. Safari: “Life Settlement Market Is a Necessity”

Yesterday, the Seminar on Life Insurance Development was inaugurated by several major keynote speakers including Dr. Gholamreza Soleymani, President of CII (Insurance Supervisory and Regulatory Authority of I.R. Iran) and Dr. Amir Safari, Head of IRC (Insurance Research Center), Mr. Masoom Zamiri, and Mr. Khalil HassanZadeh, two scholars in the field of life insurance in Iran. Referring to statistical data, Safari stated: “The global average life insurance penetration rate is 3.33% while this (Countinue ....)

Research Update: Study of the Requirements for the Formulation of Life Insurance Accounting Standards in Iran

Life insurance in Iran is undergoing a huge change in recent years from the segregation of life reserves to life and non-life breakdown and now, its accounting standards. The study of the requirements for the formulation of such standards in Iran has been the main subject of a research project directed by Majid Benvidi, sponsored, supported, and published by IRC. The subject of “Life Insurance Accounts Breakdown” highlighted in Bylaw No. 68 enacted by High Council of Insurance, requires speci (Countinue ....)

Research Update: Facilitation for New Insurance Market Entrants Including Loss Assessors, Certified Actuaries, and Peripheral Insurance Services

IRC released a comparative study on how to enable new market entrants to thrive in insurance industry. This is the 74th recommended study foci by CII (Insurance Supervisory and Regulatory Authority of I.R. Iran). Conducted by Property and Casualty (Non-life) Insurance Research Group, the study draws attention on how professional players can be assisted through various means to come to the market and help grow the economy. In economic crises, effective regulations and efficient institutes expedite (Countinue ....)

Research Update: Analysis of the Supervisory Procedures in Private Pension Funds and Further Recommendation

IRC has released a new study from the recommended research series of CII (Insurance Regulatory and Supervisory Authority of I.R. Iran) on the subject of private pension funds. Aimed at identifying the structure of the pension plans in the private sectors of the selected countries, the study attempts to present the supervisory procedures of these funds and provide a profound analysis about them. According to a report by PRIAO, IRC, the study has been conducted by Life Insurance Research Group and (Countinue ....)

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