Thu 14 Dec 2017

This Year’s Event: A Conference of Insurers

Dr Safari in a recent talk explicated the dimensions and achievements of 24th N-CoID and called the event, “a conference of insurers”. According to a report by PRIAO, speaking with Insurance Horizon, he stated “An analysis of the feedbacks and results of 24th National Conference on Insurance and Development underscores the fact that its achievements are evidently and variably distinctive and remarkable.” “The main theme of this year’s conference was chosen with reference to the rec (Countinue ....)

Dr. Safari: “We Want to Raise Public Awareness on the Subject of Risk and Risk Management”

November 27, 2017, with the aim of promotion of and raising public awareness about the risk and its corresponding losses if not properly managed, 24th National Conference on Insurance and Development (N-CoID) will be held on December 4th, 2017. “Considering natural catastrophes, Iran is located in a disaster prone region and we are witnessing more often than not catastrophic events occurring across the country.” Dr. Safari, Head of IRC, stated in a press conference specifically focused on the (Countinue ....)

24th N-CoID Welcomed with 137 Scientific Papers

The secretary of N-CoID has reported the receipt of 137 scientific papers. This is based on a report by PRIAO, IRC that further states “In the recent meeting of the Scientific Committee of 24th N-CoID held today, the status of 57 papers for entering the conference has been reviewed”. “It has been strived to choose papers with more applied approach and scientific credibility. This ensures the necessary quality of the papers to be rather more effective for the insurance industry.” Dr. Sa (Countinue ....)

Research Update: Results of the Study on the Conditions and Pertinencies of Insurance Sale Agents Revealed

With the aim of shedding light on the regulatory framework of insurance agency operations and outlining relevant recommendations for its enhancement, a research project entitled “Conditions and Pertinencies of Insurance Sale Agents” has been conducted at IRC by Life Insurance Research Group. According to a report by PRIAO, in this study, not only the conditions of Iranian insurance agents have been accounted for but those in other countries namely India, Malaysia, Turkey, and Canada have also (Countinue ....)

Research Update: “Study on the Promotion of Specialty Insurance Companies with Principal Focus on Life Insurance”

With the intent of empowering and increasing the share of the private sector in the Iran’s market, a study on the promotion of specialty insurance companies with the primary focus on life insurances were conducted by the Life Insurance Research Group at IRC. According to a report by PRIAO, this research project has attempted to explore the possible explanations for the lethargy and neglect around the specialty life insurances in Iran from the legal, economic, social and historical perspectives (Countinue ....)

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