Sat 19 Aug 2017

Research Update: Study of the Terms and Conditions for Foreign Insurance Institutes' Entry to Iran

The research project entitled “Study of the Terms and Condition for the Participation of Foreign Insurance Institutes in Iran” with the aim of achieving maximum advantage of the post-sanction era for the insurance industry has been completed and its results has been presented by Life Insurance Research Group of IRC. According to a report by PRIAO, IRC, this project has been assigned by Bimeh Markazi (Supervisory and Regulatory Authority of I.R. Iran). In general, the research project includes (Countinue ....)

To be Held: Seminar on "Fair Valuation of Insurance Liabilities"

Insurance Research Center (IRC) is intended to hold a training seminar entitled “Fair Valuation of Insurance Liabilities: On the Interplay between Market-Consistency and Actuarial Judgment” with Prof. Dr. Jan Dhaene, head of the Research Centre Insurance (Actuarial Research Group) and actuarial mastermind at KU Leuven. According to a report by PRIAO, the two-day seminar will be held on September 10-11, 2017. The medium of this industry-wide seminar is English and its main focus will be marke (Countinue ....)

Publication Update: “Accounting for the Reserves and Provisions of Iranian Insurance Institutes”

Insurance Research Center Publication has released a new book on the reserves and provisions of the Iranian insurance companies. Authored by Mr. Faramarz Rouhani, the book presents definitions of reserves and provisions with reference to relevant bylaws, rules and regulations. It also discusses the methods of income and premium cost recognition, according to a report by PRIAO. The book contains six chapters that review issues such as insurance and underwriting, the principal concepts of accountin (Countinue ....)

24th N-COID Website Launched

On July 18, the 24th National Conference on Insurance and Development official Persian website was launched. The main theme of this year’s N-COID is announced as “Risk and Insurance Management: Requirements, Challenges, and Solutions” by the Conference Secretary General, Dr. Amir Safari. N-COID is an annual conference held by IRC on the occasion of Insurance Day in Iran on early December each year. It has always gathered many across the Iranian insurance industry and the globe to exchange (Countinue ....)

Formulation of A Comprehensive Roadmap for the Education of Iranian Insurance Industry

Yesterday (July 4th, 2017), a discussion forum was held at IRC with representatives from authorized insurance educational institutes, Supervisory Deputy of Bimeh Markazi (Insurance Regulatory and Supervisory Authority of I. R. Iran), Head of IRC, and some other directors from Bimeh Markazi. According to a report by PRIAO, IRC, the key subject of the forum was around the formulation of a comprehensive roadmap with the intent of targeted planning for educational endeavors in the insurance industry (Countinue ....)

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